NTC 411 Week 5 Individual Security Solutions


Resources: SkillSoft (2012). CompTIA Network+ 2012: Network Security Part 3.

Complete the Security Solutions Model module in Skillport.  Attach a copy (screen shot) of the final test page to your assignment below.

Scenario: Your boss wants to know how to detect an intrusion into or an attack on the ecommerce network. Your boss also wants to know what hardware or software should be procured for intrusion detection.

Write a 2- to 3-page  business report describing the hardware and/or software you believe should be considered for implementation.  Include your reasoning for why the described hardware and/or software should be procured and implemented. Address the following questions raised by your boss:

Does a properly installed and maintained firewall provide adequate defense against intrusion?
What is an IPS and do we need one in an ecommerce network?
Do we need a group of network personnel to monitor the ecommerce network for intrusions 24/7?
Will any of this hardware or software facilitate a real-time response to an intrusion?

Format your business report consistent with APA guidelines.