OMM 615 Week 1 Assignment Brand Name and Corporate Image


It would be easy for someone to consider brand name and corporate image to be one in the same. They seemingly reflect one another. For instance, people who view Apple as a reputable, trust-worthy company probably view their brand names such as the iPod and Mac laptops in the same manner. A positive image reflected on a company is a great way to boost brand name sales. If a company has a tarnished image then their brands will likely suffer as well. Brand name and corporate image are two critical elements of a corporation’s marketing plan.

A corporate image is very important because it represents what the company stands for and how their employees support it, which in turn transitions to the public feelings about their brands. The image is not only about customer perception of the products or services being offered but also how willing an organization is to stand behind its customer service in terms of something going wrong with what is being offered and how they deal with customers. Apple could be a powerhouse in computer sales offering great products such as Mac but if consumers steadily complain that customer service is not pleasant or helpful then the image and brand will suffer.


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