OMM 622 Week 2 Assignment Balance Sheet


With the ability to analysis a company’s financial status at a specific point in time allows one to determine the financial condition of the company. This tool, also known as the balance sheet consists of assets, liabilities and stockholder equity and are classified in current and total amounts for clarification of whether the amount will be resolved within a specific time frame. Having the ability to determine risk factors, the key element is” investigating the company’s ability to pay its obligation when they come due” (Spiceland, Sepe&Tomassini, 2007, p.127).


In reviewing Eastman Kodak’s balance sheet, the important point that one should use in analyzing the financial condition isto review the trend of what is owed to creditors. This piece of information allows reviewers to see how the companies spending habits are andwhat time frame they are expected to pay in. Having a breakdown of when amounts are due allows one to look back on what cash is currently available and when it is expected to hit. These amounts are categorized into two separate sections; current liabilities and long term liabilities. Current liabilities are amounts that are expected to be liquidated within a year while total liabilities sum up all outstanding liabilities that are expected to be liquidated beyond one year or one operating cycle.


Being provided with what is owed to creditors within a year and beyond this time frame allows reviewers to see what area of cash they are able to repay this debt.


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