PA 205 Unite 4 Assignment Case Citation

PA 205 Unite 4 Assignment Case Citation


Case Citation: 764 P.2d 1316, 107 N.M. 758


Facts:  Rodman, a unit secretary for Presbyterian Hospital for the previous eight years, was terminated on February 17, 1987 for violating hospital personnel policies.  Her apparent personal issues caused inappropriate conduct at her place of employment, causing her to become reprimanded in June 1986.  Conditions were set forth from her formal reprimand in hopes of preventing further corrective action.


Issue:  Did Ms. Rodman’s behavior and volume of calls constitute as misconduct and violate hospital personnel policies?  Were these actions enough to deny unemployment compensation benefits?


Rule:  The state of New Mexico concludes that any employee who has been discharged for misconduct shall be ineligible for unemployment compensation benefits under § 51–1–7(B).  Additionally, the definition of misconduct has been adopted from Mitchell v. Lovington Good Samaritan Center, Inc., 89 N.M. 575, 577, 555 P.2d 696, 698 (1976).


Analysis:  The District Court concludes that Ms. Rodman’s actions on February 15 were shown to display a willful disregard for her employer’s interest, repeated insubordination, and failure to comply with employer’s wishes regarding personal phone calls and visitors.


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