POL 443 Complete Course Material Week 1-5


POL 443 Week 1 Complete DQs


(a) Do you think the checks and balances set forth in the Constitution are still valid as a method of controlling government? Are they working appropriately?


(b) Do you think our country is better off when one party controls multiple branches of government? Why or why not?


POL 443 Week 1 Individual Representation of Interests Matrix and paper


POL 443 Week 2


POL 443 Week 2 Complete DQs


(a) Do you think an individual with limited power may have enough influence to bring change?
Support your answer with two examples. Provide additional support with your own reasoning
and the reasoning of political scientists and other specialists.


(b) What purpose do issue networks serve? Provide an example of an issue network (not an issue group) and an influence it has on public policy. What is your opinion of this influence?


POL 443 Week 2 Team Public Policy Issues Paper


POL 443 Week 3


(a) Besides elections and campaigns, how do the major political parties influence public values and ideas?


(b) Do you agree about the dominance of the two political parties and the concentration of power in our society? Why or why not?


POL 443 Week 3 Individual Political Parties Paper

POL 443 Week 3 Team Public Policies Influences Paper

POL 443 Week 3 Team DQs


POL 443 Week 4


POL 443 Week 4 Complete DQs


(a) What influence do you believe interest organizations have in policy-making in Washington? Is their influence generally positive or negative? Explain why. Please give examples.


(b) The influence of interest organizations among government officials is often framed as education. On that basis, they sometimes conduct original research for that purpose. Do you think the need for information outweighs the potential for bias in such education or do you think that the danger for bias limits the value of their work?


POL 443 Week 4 Team Opposition Evaluation Presentation

POL 443 Week 4 Team DQs


POL 443 Week 5


POL 443 Week 5 Complete DQs


(a) To what extent does the class domination theory of power explain public policy decision in the U.S. – a lot or a little? Why? Please explain.


(b) What is the most important base of power in the U.S. society? Where is it located? Is it controlled by multiple entities or only one entity?


POL 443 Week 5 Individual Wealth and Power in the United States Paper

POL 443 Week 5 Team DQs