Pollution Economic System

Pollution Economic System


Part 1…… Create a sample Mind Map on a topic of your choice. Please follow the example mind map listed under Resources.

Include at least three major subjects with two subtopics each.

Submit your Mind Map.

Part 2….Assignment ContentResources:


  1. Create a Mind Map using a tool such as Popplet®, Mindmeister®, GoConqr®, or a Microsoft® Word document in which you do the following:

    • Define each economic system.
    • Provide an example of each economic system.
    • Compare the pros and cons of each economic system.
    • Identify the economic system we have in the United States.
    • Explain why it is important to have an economic system.

    Please ensure your mind map is saved with an appropriate extension (e.g., doc, docx, or PDF).
    Submit your Mind Map.