Primary Research SLP

Primary Research SLP


In this SLP for Module 3, conduct primary research for your task to glean first-hand insights. This is the third step of this cumulative research project. Be sure to revise the sections in SLP1 and SLP2, and include them in this paper following theĀ marketing plan outline.

Primary Research

You will have to conduct personal in-depth interviews with individuals who are representative of the proposed target market. The purpose of conducting these interviews is to make sure that you are on the right track with your marketing plan. One of the biggest fallacies in marketing is often that a manager thinks he or she knows what members of the target market know, believe, and do. The development of a useable marketing plan, however, has to be based on consumer input.

Once you have completed your primary research efforts, you will need to revisit your situation analysis and your SWOT analysis. It is very likely that you overlooked specific factors that need to be added to these analyses.

Qualitative Research: Personal In-Depth Interviews

For the purposes of this marketing plan, you will focus on one target market only. Qualitative research is a first step to make sure that the issues you have identified are issues as perceived by your target audience. Qualitative research will give you insights into what consumers actually think, know, and believe. This type of research will allow you to investigate how consumers describe their behavior and why they do what they do. It also allows you to gain information on how difficult it would be to get consumers to accept new product, to learn which communication methods would be most productive, and to learn which incentives would be most successful with a specific consumer group. Finally, the results of qualitative research provide input for your marketing plan.

For this part you will have to develop an interview questionnaire and then conduct the interviews. Keep in mind that you will need at least three consumers representative of your proposed target market to participate in these interviews. Finally, you will need to report the results.