Program of Study

 Program of Study


Reflect upon the core coursework included in your program of study. Review the 7 program learning outcomes and assess your preparation, experience, and accomplishments related to the learning outcomes.

Case Assignment

The Masters of Education Program required the completion of five core classes. Reflect on the five courses you have taken to complete your degree and explain the value of each course for your career or learning goals.

Next, assess your preparation, experience, and/or professional practice accomplishments related to each of the 7 program learning outcomes.

It is recommended that you structure your paper using this outline:

  • Introduction (1/2 page)
    1. Brief summary of your professional background when you entered the program
    2. Brief summary of your current professional background
  • Career Goals (or Learning Goals if you do not currently work in education) (1/2 page)
    1. Brief summary of your career goal(s)
    2. Describe how each course has contributed to your career goal(s)
  • Preparation, Experience and Accomplishments (2 – 4 pages)
    1. Learning Outcome 1: Critically analyze the historical, social, economic, and political influences on education institutions and practices.
    2. Learning Outcome 2: Identify the structures in education organizations that can be mobilized for engagement in practice
    3. Learning Outcome 3: Delineate the roles and tasks of education leaders and education professionals in a range of institutions
    4. Learning Outcome 4: Apply education leadership theories and research skills that promote accountability and advancement of student-centered education
    5. Learning Outcome 5: Identify and analyze legal and ethical issues that arise in education practices and institutions
    6. Learning Outcome 6: Recognize and analyze sources of diversity and inequity related to the needs of marginalized individuals/ populations
    7. Learning Outcome 7: Write scholarly essays on policy, programs and issues relating to education and education leadership
  • Conclusion (1/4 page)
    1. Summary statement of your experience in the program