Reliability Command in SPSS

Reliability Command in SPSS 


Use the reliability command in SPSS and calculate Chronbac’s Alpha for all variables (Q1 to Q89). What is your calculated value? Is there any way to improve the Chronbac’s Alpha to above 0.8? Explain how.

2- Identify the underlying structure between variables Q1 trough Q26, using Factor Analysis with Varimax rotation. Saves the scores using the regression method. Using the eigenvalue criterion of greater than one, how many factors were you able to retain? What is the total variance explained by this model?

3- Are the results obtained from the analysis acceptable? Why? Identify the criteria you used to answer this question. What is your best recommendation on improving the results?

4- Recode the fpl (poverty status) into a binary variable, fpl_G, with 0 representing families with income levels below 200% of the federal poverty threshold and 1 representing all other families. Use the saved factors from part 2 as the independent variables in a logistic regression using the newly created variable, fpl_G, as the dependent variable. Use the “Enter” method to run this regression. How does this model fit the data? Is the generated model significantly different from a constant only model?