RGD 350 Children’s Literature Complete Course Material


RDG 350 Week 1 Individual Assignment Favorite Book Share



Prepare to discuss one of your favorite books you read as a child.

  • Write a paper (no specific word count) describing your favorite book or books that you read as a child. What makes this book or books so appealing? Were the books for both boys and girls alike? What genre were the books? Would that information still hold true for the book today? Although no introduction or conclusion are necessary for this assignment, please remember to use APA formatting and includea reference page.


RDG 350 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reading Reflection Paper


Write a 350- to 700-word paper on your history as a reader of children’s literature.

Include answers to the following questions:

  • What do you remember most about reading children’s literature as a child?
  • What were the most positive and negative influences on your attitudes toward reading?
  • How did your reading interests and habits change as you progressed through school?
  • Do you consider yourself a reader now?
  • What characteristics would you like to develop as a reader?

What role did children’s literature play in facilitating your language and literacy development?



RDG 350 Week 2 Individual Assignment Newbery and Caldecott Awards Summary



  • Resources: American Library Association Web site (http://www.ala.org/) or the International Reading Association Web site (http://www.reading.org/General/Default.aspx) and Children’s Literature.
  • Caldecott® Medal and Newbery® Medal Book Summaries (350 word minimum for each award) – Research the Caldecott® Medal and the Newbery® Medal Awards. Choose and read one book honored by each of the awards (two books total). In your summary, please give a history of each award; discuss whether or not you believe the book earned the award and why you think this is so, and your opinion about awarding literary materials (what should qualify, why or why not). Remember to format your paper according to APA standards.


RDG 350 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Standards-Based Presentation


Review the book each team member selected in Week One.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation demonstrating how each team member’s chosen book could be used to integrate performance objectives in a content-area state standard (such as social studies, science, or math) with a performance objective in a language arts state standard.

Include the following information:

  • Standards
  • Performance objectives
  • Book title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • A brief synopsis of the book

A lesson using the trade book



RDG 350 Week 3 Individual Assignment Genre Presentation



  • Choose and research a children’s literature genre. Construct a narrative paper (350-word minimum) on the genre detailing the following: characteristics, well-known authors, and two examples of quality children’s literature in the genre. Try to choose a genre that is unfamiliar to you. Evaluate the examples that you will provide with guidelines from our textbook.


RDG 350 Week 3 Learning Team Genre Celebration


Begin working on Genre Comparison Chart due in Week Four.

  • Genre Comparison Chart (Learning Team)-Develop a chart that compares the similarities and differences of the genres in children’s literature. You must use a minimum of 4 genres and can design the comparison chart any way you wish.


RDG 350 Week 4 Individual Assignment Book Response and Reflection


  • Book Response and Reflection-Read a children’s book and prepare a creative response to the book. Examples can be found in Ch. 4 of Children’s Literature text. Write a 350-word paper, minimum reflecting how the form of response you chose contributed to your understanding of the book. Remember to format your paper using APA guidelines.


RDG 350 Week 4 Individual Assignment Censored Book Reflection


  • Censored Book Reflection Paper-Choose a censored book, read it, and research why it was censored. Write a 350-700 word APA formatted reflection paper discussing whether you agree or disagree with the decision to ban the use of this book in schools and explain the rationale for your viewpoint. Suggest how the book might be used in schools, define the grade levels for which you would use the book, and describe how you would introduce and work with it as a classroom teacher.


RDG 350 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Genre Comparison Chart


  • Genre Comparison Chart (Learning Team)-Develop a chart that compares the similarities and differences of the genres in children’s literature. You must use a minimum of 4 genres and can design the comparison chart any way you wish.


RDG 350 Week 5 Individual Assignment Issue and Trend Interview Paper


  • Issues and Trends Interview Paper-Interview a school librarian regarding the issues/trends in children’s literature. Submit your interview questions and answers as well as a brief summary of the session. Be sure to ask probing and follow-up questions. Your interview questions must follow the themes/objectives for our course. You will need to include questions related to: Picture Books, Reading Aloud, Literary Awards, Censored Books, Multicultural Literature, Trends in Children’s Literature and any additional questions that you feel would be relevant. What was your overall impression of this individual? What was your overall impression of the job of a media specialist? How would you use the media specialist in your school as a resource for the classroom?


RDG 350 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Anticipation and Reaction Guides and Summary


Discuss each team member’s answers to the Anticipation and Reaction Guide.

  • Write a 350-word summary of your group’s discussions covering any themes, similarities, or differences that you found. Be sure to use APA format.

RDG 350 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Genre Celebration

Resource: Genre Celebration Guidelines located on the Course Materials page.

Submit the Genre Celebration project.