SBE 440 Entire Course (All Assignments, All Dq’s, All Projects)


1. SBE 440 All Assignments:


SBE440 Week 6 Assignement Financial Analysis

SBE440 Week 5 Assignment Operations Plan and Product Development Plan

SBE440 Week 4 Assignment Management Team

SBE440 Week 3 Assignment Business Plan
SBE440 Week 2 Assignment RL’s Customs Full Feasibility Analysis

2 SBE 440 Course Project Devry University


SBE 440 Week 4 Business plan draft
SBE 440 Week 7 Business planning week 7 course project
SBE 440 Week 8 Sales Pitch
SBE 440 Week 8 Sales presentation


3. SBE 440 All 7 Weeks Discussions Devry University A+ Graded

SBE440 Week 1 DQ1 Business Planning

SBE440 Week 1 DQ2 From Concept to a Business

SBE440 Week 2 DQ1 The 60 Second Elevator Pitch

SBE440 Week 2 DQ2 Identifying the Competition

SBE440 Week 3 DQ1 Inducing Your Customers to Buy

SBE440 Week 3 DQ2 Promoting a NeSBE440 Week Business

SBE440 Week 4 DQ1 Small Businesses’ Legal Structures

SBE440 Week 4 DQ2 Management Resources

SBE440 Week 5 DQ1 Key Initial Operating Decisions

SBE440 Week 5 DQ2 Operational Controls

SBE440 Week 6 DQ1 Cash Flow Operating Assumptions

SBE440 Week 6 DQ2 Exit Strategies

SBE440 Week 7 DQ1 Information Gathering

SBE440 Week 7 DQ2 Rating Your Plan