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The Social Issue Paper will be a thorough review of research about a social issue of interest to you and relevant to the field of Community Psychology. Some example topics to focus on are: substance abuse and addiction and criminal/juvenile justice. You can write about either one or both.

Feel free to pose other topics of interest to you. In addition to reviewing research about a topic of interest, this paper will include a critique of some of the research in psychology related to the issue you are focusing on, drawing from the conceptual and methodological components of Community Psychology, as described in your readings and the class. If you are interested in this option, you should be exploring research about an issue of interest to you throughout the quarter. I will ask everyone to let me know what issue they will be examining by Monday, November 2.

Paper should be approximately 10 double-spaced pages, including a title page and references. References and in-text citations should be in APA format, all other components should look nice but do not need to be in APA format. Papers should also include each of these components:

1) Begin your paper with a succinct statement about the problem, including a clear description of the problem and its scope (i.e., describe who is affected by it, including which individuals and communities, and how).

o Here you should draw from at least one of the assigned class articles as you define the problem and at least one additional academic resource (including legitimate websites, such as the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, etc.). (1-2 pages)

2) Next present a review of the research that has been conducted to address this problem, drawing from the ecological perspective that is at the heart of Community Psychology. Specifically, describe the research that has been conducted to address this problem at the individual, community, and/or societal levels. If much of the research focuses on individual-level outcomes, at the very least, include a description of the community, and social factors that may “drive” the problem and/or that get in the way of resolving the problem. (2-4 pages).

o Here you should be referencing the bulk of the research you reviewed; at least four empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals. Empirical means data was collected and analyzed. Data could be in the form of surveys, interviews, observations, etc., but some form of data should have been collected and analyzed.

  1. 3) Next present a critique of the research you reviewed drawing from some of the conceptual and methodological components of Community Psychology. In other words, imagine how some of the studies you reviewed could have been improved if some of the tenets of community psychology (e.g., values, principles, research methods.) were incorporated, either at the level of defining the problem, designing the study, and/or making use of the results. Aim to point out limitations of two studies, but you can also talk across your studies if you identified a common limitation. (1-2 pages) *** NOTE- this section can also be weaved into section two.
  2. 4) The last section of the paper should focus on potential and innovative solutions to the problem. Some of these solutions may be referenced in the articles you reviewed. If so, cite those articles accordingly. However, you are also encouraged “to think outside the box” and add to descriptions of potential solutions presented in the articles you reviewed based on what you have learned in class. (2-3 pages).

Below I have attached one of the class aritcle that you can use in the paper


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