SOC 305 Effects and Solutions to Drug Abuse Week 5 Final Paper

SOC 305 Effects and Solutions to Drug Abuse Week 5 Final Paper




Drug abuse is continuous use of substances like alcohol in quantities or with ways unacceptable by medical experts mostly for purposes of altering normal body functioning. It is majorly a health concern, but in the recent decades, it has risen to become one of the worst ills in the society (Haw & Hawton, 2011). There are various laws that prohibit use certain drug types especially those often abused. Most judicial systems protect their citizens from drug abuse and related issues. There are two categories of drug offenders namely the dealers and the users. This paper analyses the effect of substance use on the social institutions and effective mechanisms of dealing with the drug offenders (West, 2010).


Negative social effects of Drugs

Parents who use drugs or alcohol are likely to overlook their children leaving them to their own diplomacy. Since such parents are often lost in their addictions, they are unable to provide the proper leadership that children need particularly throughout their growing days (Sindelar & Fiellin 2001). Teenagers bred in homes where a dear blood relation uses alcohol or drugs, have a superior propensity for developing the dependence afterward, generally because the family is more relaxed in terms of drugs use. The result of alcohol or drug abuse on relations involved and results may differ between families based on a numerous factors. Families affected by substance abuse have one thing in comparison; they reside in homes where traits and communication are both impulsive and vague. This has effects that affect relations psychologically, economically, and health-related level (Wren, 2000).

Substance dependence by a blood family member can significantly jeopardize the emotional maturity of children in the home (West, 2010). This is because the users of drugs and alcohol are more probable to be involved in domestic brutality


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