Software Development Lifecycle

Software Development Lifecycle 



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Watch the Product Owner and User Focus Group Animation that presents the Product Owner’s meeting with users of the current travel booking software. As the Product Owner for the agile team responsible for the travel booking software product development, you will develop three user stories based on the animation interactions.

Note: A text-only version of the animation is available here: Product Owner and User Focus Group Animation Text-Only.


As the Product Owner for the agile team responsible for creating the SNHU Travel software, you will develop three user stories based on the interactions from the focus group. You must complete the following:

  • Identify at least five user requests or requirements based on the user interactions in the animation. These should be written in the following format: As a <type of user> I want to <perform some task> so that I can <achieve some goal>.
  • Next, identify the user requests or requirements as large, medium, or small and prioritize them according to your perceived user needs. Then place these requirements into the Product Backlog, which is the first sheet in the CS 250 Module Three User Stories Assignment Template. Put your requirements in order so that the highest priority item is first on the list and the lowest priority item is at the end.
  • Review the User Story Details Example, which is the second sheet in the template. Then select one large requirement, one medium requirement, and one small requirement from your Product Backlog. Write a detailed user story for each requirement using the User Story Details sheets in the template.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your completed User Stories template for this assignment. Be sure that you have filled in all the different sheets in the template and prioritized the stories in your Product Backlog.