Sport Programs SLP

 Sport Programs SLP


The overall Session Long Project (SLP) requires students to develop a Finance and Marketing Guide that may be used in various settings of the sports industry, including (but not limited to) interscholastic, collegiate, and professional sports. The guide will serve as a compilation of written materials and projects that reflect an understanding of the course content while describing knowledge and information related to Sport Finance and Marketing.

Students will begin development of their Guide by completing the following five sections throughout the Session, with one section due each module:

Section 1: Analysis of financial trends and challenges in the sports industry

Section 2: Presentation of a Sport Sponsorship Proposal

Section 3: SWOT analysis of sport product

Section 4: Application of the Four P’s of the marketing plan

Throughout Module 2 we have reviewed and discussed the purpose, benefits, brand impacts, and relational aspects of sponsorships in the sports industry. Aspiring sports industry leaders will benefit greatly from understanding what goes into writing a sponsorship proposal.

For your Module 2 SLP, you will write a paper developing a sponsorship proposal on behalf of an organization of your choice. Examples include an athletic department or specific sports team for either a high school or college. You can also choose to prepare a proposal for a professional sports team that you could present to a corporate sponsor.

Understanding the sponsorship process as well as the value of the sports organization to be sponsored is essential to write and/or make a successful presentation. As you write your proposal, know that a sponsorship is a two-way exchange between a sports program and a business; and remember, the business expects tangible commercial benefits.

Please include the following in your sponsorship proposal:

  • Review of your chosen sports program or organization
  • Background on the financial status of your organization (can be fictitious) and how a sponsorship can be beneficial
  • Identification of the various components of the proposed sponsorship, including requirements of both the organization and the sponsor
  • Costs and benefits to the sponsor associated with your proposal
  • Benefits to your sports program as a result of the sponsorship