University Statistical Questions

 University Statistical Questions


Complete the following end of chapter exercises for Chapter 3. Submit your response in an MS Word document or Pdf after inserting the results from SPSS Output into your document. This exercise utilizes the data set schools-a.sav, which can be downloaded from chapter data sources referenced above.

1- You are interested in investigating if being above or below the median income (medloinc) impacts ACT means (act94) for schools. Complete the necessary steps to examine univariate grouped data in order to respond to the questions below. Although deletions and/or transformations may be implied from your examination, all steps will examine original variables.

a. How many participants have missing values for medloinc and act94?

b. Is there a severe split in frequencies between groups?

c. What are the cutoff values for outliers in each group?

d. Which outlying cases should be deleted for each group?

e. Analyzing histograms, normal Q-Q plots, and tests of normality, what is your conclusion regarding normality? If a transformation is necessary, which one would you use?