Violence and Violent Video Games

Violence and Violent Video Games


To raise awareness about a specific topic in psychology and provide concrete recommendations for addressing the issue using the concepts covered in class and evidence-based strategies.

Project overview

For your final project, you will be asked to submit a project on a psychological disorder/issue of your choice that is relevant to the topics we covered in this class. You can create an infographic, write a paper, make a PSA/short video, a social media page, build a website- whatever you want that you can turn in via Canvas but YOU CANNOT USE POWERPOINT OR ANY SIMILAR SOFTWARE. As long as you have the required information, the way it is presented is really up to you. Everything must be in your own words and you need to have at least 5 sources cited in APA style (Wikipedia is not a source):

Your project must include the following information:

  • What is the definition of the disorder/issue and history?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of the disorder/issue?
  • What is the current prevalence of the disorder/statistics on the issue? What specific populations are impacted- race, gender, age groups?
  • What are the current treatment(s)/ways of addressing the issue? What are 2-3 recommendations for future treatment of the disorder/approaching the issue in a different way
  • How can we reduce the stigma around talking about this issue/disorder? How can we encourage people to talk about this issue? Please provide 2-3 concrete strategies