Women Rights Movement

Women Rights Movement


Choose one of the below reform movements that played a role in Antebellum America from 1790-1860. You will research and create a Power Point response using the below guidelines.

Reform Movements:

Religious Reform Movement/Second Great Awakening

Education Reform

Prison and Mental Illness Reform

Temperance Reform

Women’s Rights Movement

Abolition Movement

Your responses must include the following items:

Summary of the reform movement

  • Write a concise (<150 words) one-paragraph narrative with an overview of the reform movement


  • Explain what societal problems or forces motivated the movement
  • Identify specific and/or broad causes


  • Identify the goals of the movement
  • Goals might include specific milestones (e.g. enactment of legislation, or more abstract/philosophical aims-e.g. improve the nation’s morality)


  • List and describe the methods the reformers used to achieve their goals


  • List the successes and failures of the movement
  • Briefly evaluate the successes of the reform movement

Key Figures/People

  • Identify and briefly describe the important individuals and their contributions to the reform movement

Key Events

  • Describe important events of the movement

Bibliography/Works Cited

  • Include a minimum of three (3) sources


  • Articulate ideas IN YOUR OWN WORDS (copy and paste=plagiarism)
  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation