English Homework

December 15, 2020| Ecadimi

English Homework

Write a Main claim, outline, and introductory paragraph.
Outline Format:
• If you’re attaching a document, format it with a standard MLA heading and page numbers.
• State your main claim first.
• Beneath that, identify your key subclaims.
• Beneath each subclaim, bullet the key pieces of evidence you’ll use to support that subclaim with an accurate MLA in-text citation.

Beneath your outline, draft your introductory paragraph to include:

• An opening sentence or two to draw your reader in.
• The context for the debate including key thinkers on both sides, their professional expertise, and their positions.
• A logical lead-up to your main claim.
• Your main claim.

Materials to use to write about the main claim of the paragraph:
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7Xr3AsBEK4&feature=youtu.be
• Your not a gadget (file)
• How Social Media Is a Toxic Mirror (file)




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