Establishing My Academic and Career Path Assignment

Establishing My Academic and Career Path

Date Category (Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How) Comment Required Follow-Up
1/21/2011     Who For the attainment of best possible outcomes through this course, Dr. Sheba Dunston has provided adequate help and assistance weekly. Her dedication for the development of appropriate educational background related to the health care policy is immensely credible.  Involvement in weekly discussions has provided with the chance to communicate and collaborate with other students that has extended the exposure to the underlying cause of education.  
1/29/2011     What After participating in the CLC assignment, I discover various studies which have been conducted to provide a clear picture of the health care policy that is regulated in the country. In addition to this, commencement of weekly discussion topics were designed in such a way that exposure to several scholarly articles has enhanced my ability of searching different databases through internet.          The involvement in searching of different databases will help in the future for obtaining enormous amount of information related to the health care policy, and the health care needs of public.
2/10/2011     When I believe that enrollment in this course has provided me with great benefits in terms of knowledge enhancement. Initially, I was not that much confident about myself due to my limited information and poor skills of communication. Subsequent to the commencement of group activities, I have learnt a lot.       I believe that communication with peers plays an essential role in the enhancement of knowledge as the experiences and information shared by other involved individuals can assist you in different tasks.  
2/17/2011     Where This course will help me in the nearest future. I believe that Grand Canyon University is the institution from where novice and other students can obtain adequate knowledge. Before enrolling in the program of Public Health Policy, I was surrounded by numerous doubts that were inhibiting my skills of involvement and participation in the activities that were related to the health care services.     I was afraid of discovering the unexplored dimensions associated with health care policy and practices but the opportunity for enrollment in this project has helped me to overcome several challenges.
2/24/2011     Why I have discovered different dimensions of knowledge that in turn has enhanced my ability of writing and viewing an article. In the start, I was not able to understand the requisite associated with a peer-reviewed article. The main purpose of this project is entrenched with sufficient enhancement of the health care policy of the country and the responsibilities of a health care professional in accordance to it. Furthermore, education and knowledge are the beneficial tools to serve ethnic population and minority groups by paying special attention and focus for the improvement of the quality of the health care services and experiences for both the patient and the health care providers.    Weekly writing discussion posts and assignments have not only improved my writing skills but searching skills also as it has provided me with sufficient data about which I was unfamiliar before. The improvement in my writing skills is the result of support and cooperation provided by the instructor.
03/02/2011     How Feedbacks from Dr. Dunston is the source of assistance for me. In the past, there was major lack of understanding the difference between just writing and good writing. The most recent evidence that has changed how I do things has been reviewing published article about the difficulty that a health care professional face when providing culturally competent care. Through the Public Health Policy program, I have learnt the requisite for the development of social care practices with the facilitation of education about recent aspects of the area of health care.     

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