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There is no doubt that the smartphone market is robust and booming, with over 3.5 billion users. There has been an upward tendency in the number of records, and this trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. According to research, more than 10 percent of people polled said that they check their phones at least once every four minutes or more regularly (Deng et al.,2019). To develop a Healthy Harvest online store, research is also needed on the best programming language (Morga,2021). To create the Healthy Harvest online store, this paper will look at and identify two systems development technologies that are suitable for use. Python and JavaScript are two of the systems that can be used.


JavaScript is a popular scripting language anyone can pick up and start using right away (Haverbeke,2018). Because of its high level and interpretability may be used for both object-oriented and functional types of software development projects. It is a browser-based programming language used to create web pages (Morga,2021). App development for any Android, iOS, or Windows platform can be done using its frameworks. JavaScript is a favorite of many developers since it is simple and easily controlled(Freeman,2021). This programming language gives you a lot of leeways to experiment.

User input validation, simple calculations on the client-side, and platform independence are just some features that make JavaScript a valuable tool for dealing with date/time issues and providing greater browser control(Brendel et al.,2019). Both positive and negative aspects of JavaScript are similar to any other programming language (Ndichu et al.,2019). There is less server interaction, javascript provides immediate feedback to the visitors, and JavaScript provides a richer interface for the visitors, contributing to the advantages.

Java script is an Independent Platform (Karim et al.,2018). It is one of the strongest arguments for using Javascript for web development.JavaScript enables developers to write code once and then use or reuse it in any environment.It  is one of Java’s most significant aspects and benefits since it makes it highly portable and allows for easy integration into multi-platform applications compared to python(Johansson,2020). As a result, businesses no longer have to worry about upgrading hardware or operating systems, and they save the difficulty and expense of resolving incompatibility issues with existing JavaScript software. It is one of the primary advantages of Java programming languages over platform-dependent languages. JavaScript is rapid since it may be executed directly within the client-side browser.


Python’s dynamic, high-level, open-source, and interpreted programming language is free, open-source, and emotional (Rawat,2020). Both object-oriented and procedural programming styles can be used with this system. As stated above, Python is a suitable programming language. Python is predicted to be a top 2020 programming language by the TIOBE Programming Community Index (PCI). Due to its growing application in AI, data mining, and numerical computing. Python is a high-level language that is easy to code in; it is also free and open source.

In recent years, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world (Coursera Inc,2021). There are numerous applications for it, from machine learning to developing websites and doing software testing. Non-developers and developers alike can benefit from this tool. Netflix’s recommendation system and self-driving car software are powered by Python, one of the world’s most popular computer languages (Austin et al.,2021). A general-purpose language like Python can be used for various purposes, including data research, software and web development and automation, and getting things done.


When the two languages are compared, it is evident that JavaScript has the advantage for the following reasons: JavaScript is better suited for website development than Python, experienced developers are more likely to be familiar with JavaScript, and JavaScript provides a more straightforward introduction to the realm of information technology. The mobile application development platform continues to expand and evolve daily. While some programming languages have already passed the test of time, others are currently gaining popularity. While choosing the finest programming language available today may seem intimidating, each language’s features, performance, dependability, peculiarities, and other characteristics are crucial for designing a mobile application that stands out in your specific industry. In recent years, JavaScript has developed into a hilarious and fascinating programming field. JavaScript has resulted in a well-organized, manageable code base for the language, increasing productivity, readability, and accessibility while also being rather pleasurable. Numerous people have selected JavaScript as a result of its features.

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