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Through the use of telehealth, physicians are able to make diagnoses and provide medication recommendations without first having to physically examine their patients. Both the patient and the physicians may take part in a phone conversation or a video session in order to diagnose the problem. Telehealth has many advantages, including the following: as we face challenges with COVID-19, it restricts physical connection, that further lessens vulnerability to the virus; it offers wellness services to everybody, anytime, and anyplace; it assists minimize travel costs, utilizing hours off job for physician consultations, and not needing to take youngsters to clinics, which could be hazardous to their wellness; and finally, it enhances access to professionals who are not mentioned in the area or who are not available in the area. Telehealth can be found at http://www. Since the outbreak of the flu pandemic, the use of telehealth has expanded significantly. There will be a continuous growth of electronic healthcare by the year 2020, as per (Barthelemy, 2020). To deliver cutting-edge therapy, health care professionals will be putting pressure on their suppliers to equip them with more capabilities and functionality. Physicians, nursing staff, and emergency workers were able to reduce the proportion of individuals who required to be readmitted by using telemedicine for follow-up visits, as reported in the same publication (emergency rooms).

The process of integrating the most current findings from relevant research into normal medical processes and professional judgement is known as evidence-based practice. As a clinical approach, it may be characterized as abandoning old-fashioned techniques and adopting newer ones. One of the benefits of EBP is that it makes use of new technologies, which is a significant advantage considering how rapidly our generation is advancing technologically. It supplies the most recent information and links with the patient’s choices, such as in the case of telehealth as an example. On the other hand, EBP is not without its drawbacks, particularly for the elderly population. Those who are not well versed in technological developments may find it challenging to keep up with the latest trends. EBP has a number of drawbacks, including the fact that it does not give evidence to answer inquiries about medical issues, as well as the inability to critically evaluate the material and evidence presented (Hsieh, P. L., & Chen2020 pg2). (Wilson& Austria, 2021) outlined a number of considerations that need to be made prior to moving forward with EBP in order to get the greatest possible results for patient outcomes. Client choices and beliefs, the medical care professional’s knowledge, laboratory and assessment findings from clients, unit metrics and operations, as well as information from other resources, are all factors that contribute to client outcomes.

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For my response, I chose a non-profit professional organization, American Counseling Association and educational organization. Theseorganization arecommitted to the professional development of counselors. Complimentary ongoing training certificates, legislative notifications, and accessibility to contemporary information and practice are just some of the perks that come with being an ACA member. The National Board for Certified Counselors is an autonomous non-profit certifying authority for counselors, and they assist their members by funding their own conventions, periodicals, and other events. Counselors who have achieved certain levels of excellence in their education, training, and performance on NBCC are eligible for this award. NBCC is a great resource for counselors who want to enhance their careers and get extra education. Clinicians in the field of clinical mental health counseling have access to federal government affairs like the Federal Occupational Series for Counselors, the Department of Veterans Affairs, American Mental Health Counselors Association, and the Advocacy for Minor Fellowship Program and other federal workforce programs. AMHCA also publishes a journal that is highly respected among counselors and counselor educators as a professional publication for ongoing training and research. AMHCA supports annual national conferences at which mental health counselors from all across the country get together to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences.

Professionals in the mental health field might benefit from these organizations since they provide opportunities for continuous education and training. In addition to learning new methods of therapy, counselors are given the protection of their certificates. It implies that in order to get extra certification for new information, they must dedicate themselves to these additional trainings and education. As a result of their new training, counselors are able to analyze clients based on their preferences and adapt to the current assistance trends. What role do these associations have in making ethical choices? As they attend training and counseling sessions offered by the organization, they will get a deeper understanding of ethical decision-making. Additionally, they will learn from other counselors in other professions and at varying levels of expertise. It’s well-known that having more than one person involved in an issue might lead to a greater knowledge of it. It is possible to sustain ethical decision-making by exchanging ideas and adjusting to new approaches within the confines of what is already known. Psychologists are able to tell the difference between their current methods and new ones. Each membership has the ability to give ethical criteria by which complaints and enquiries may be made in order to assist counselors in determining what plan is most suited for their clients.

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Suicide Prevention, EBP resources and are the three resources, and Behavioral Health Treatment Service Locator, are the resources I selected from SAMHSA. I feel that these three tools will be useful in my future career as a counselor for families, children, and marriages. I will be able to give my customers with the level of service they expect from me if I stay current on the latest evidence-based practices (EBP). I will be able to help my customer learn how EBP works in new technologies, whether they require an in-person session or a virtual one. My patients and I will benefit from extra resources provided through the Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator. If my patient is in need of a certain kind of therapy, I will be able to point them in the right direction. Talking to a friend or family member isn’t always the best option for suicide reduction. As a result, I may suggest my client to utilize the Suicide Prevention Line as an additional outlet for them to express their feelings and calm down.

Looking at the information in these sources might help you better understand the details of a certain circumstance. As counselors and as individuals, we consider what we can do to help clients find and hold on to hope. By making use of these tools, we are able to better serve our clients and ourselves as therapists. Adaptations are always being made to better serve our customers, and we can only learn about them by being abreast of new developments and resources. Improves our awareness of how to best serve our customers by educating us on what may and might not work as approaches. To use EBP as an example, it’s no secret that technology is always developing. When you’re a non-techie like myself, you have to continually study how things operate even on a basic phone. When I utilize EBP materials, I can stay on top of the most recent developments and apply them to my customers. As long as I take into account my client’s choices without sacrificing my own morals. Behavioral Health Treatment Services finder makes it simple to locate new institutions that may be able to assist my client in a more comprehensive way, or with whom I may need to work in some way.

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