Stanford University Grad Student at Columbia Experience & Pop Culture Questions

November 25, 2020| Ecadimi

Stanford University Grad Student at Columbia Experience & Pop Culture Questions

Answer all four of these prompts. Each prompt response should be at least 100 words and should reference one of the readings for the unit.

QUESTION 1: Describe Babe’s life as a grad student at Columbia. How accurately does Babe’s college experience reflect your own?

For this question just describe babe life in college and ill compare it myself to mine (meaning ill add/write it myself after you send me this. — Also, Babe is the main character in the movie Marathon Man, the 1976 film with Dustin Hoffman).

QUESTION 2: Find a painting by Edward Hopper that we did not discuss. Copy it to your computer, then paste it into the response box and tell me about the painting you chose (obviously using your own words).

We talked about his paintings called “New York Movie” “Chop Suey” “Automat” “Office at night” “Room in New York” “view from the williamburg bridge” “night windows” “shakespeare at dusk” “hotel window” and “sunlight in cafeteria”

QUESTION 3: What do you think were Jay Z’s reasons for purchasing a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat?

QUESTION 4: With Faith Ringgold’s painting “Flag for the Moon,” and Keith Haring’s bathroom mural “Once Upon a Time” in mind, should there be any types of art that are inappropriate to show or discuss in a university-level class? Why or why not?


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