Critical Summary All I need is a critical summary of the attached articles, one paragraph per each article followed with one argument paragraph (see the outline below for more clarification). Also, 4 critical questions taken or related from the readings’ content. I need it to be done at Sunday 8:00am. Pages: 2 or 2.5 pages approximately Word: 1100 (Requirement***), Single-Space, 12 size-font. Deadline: Sep 30th, Sunday 8:00am Suggested outline: Title: Personalism and Dignity of the Human Person 1stParagraph – Summary of article 1 2edParagraph – Summary of article 2 3edParagraph – Summary of article 3 4thParagraph – Argument 4 critical questions 20180925150505gronbacher___need_for_econ_personalism 20180925150504laborem_exercens_____john_paul_ii