CRITICIZING A LAW PAPER PROMPT Overview CRITICIZING A LAW PAPER PROMPT Overview: Laws are all around us. New and old laws influence our everyday behavior. Laws are a reflection of the values and beliefs of society. While society uses laws for positive, practical reasons, many are outdated or faulty. Consider a law that you disagree with and explore the reasons why you think that law is a bad/ ineffective/ inappropriate law. Directions: Use your research skills to identify a law/bill/proposition (from the last 10 years) that you can criticize constructively. Offer two distinct reasons why the policy is faulty or may result in negative consequences for society. Define and explain the law prior to your criticism. Emphasis should be placed on creativity, the elaboration of arguments, and organization of your different parts of the paper (i.e. introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion). Recommendation: 1. Introduction: Describe the current problem a. Describe…    read more