Cryptography For this assignment, you will write an essay on the video for this week: Cryptanalysis In this essay, you will explain how the Enigma machine has changed the world of security to this day. You will provide a timeline of the major milestones of cryptanalysis and the impact it has had on data security over the years. In addition to the video, choose one other scholarly reference to support your discussion. Requirements: Submit in a Word document. Include cover page Must be a minimum of two pages (excluding references and cover page) Appropriate APA format is required. Properly cite and reference any borrowed resource(s) Rubric Content Proficient 81 – 100 points Acceptable 61 – 80 points Below Standard 0 – 60 points Total Content is relevant, well-selected, and demonstrates good understanding of technologies that are required for this course. Content is somewhat relevant, well-selected, and demonstrates a general understanding…    read more