Cultural competence

Cultural Competence

December 27, 2020 |

Cultural Competence 2- to 4-page paper, explain how the literature informs you about Claudia and her family when assessing her situation. Describe two social issues related to the course-specific case study for Claudia that inform a culturally competent social worker. Describe culturally competent strategies you might use to assess the needs of children. Describe the types of data you would collect from Claudia and her family in order to best serve them. Identify other resources that may offer you further information about Claudia’s case. Create an eco-map to represent Claudia’s situation. Describe how the ecological perspective of assessment influenced how the social worker interacted with Claudia. Describe how the social worker in the case used a strengths perspective and multiple tools in her assessment of Claudia. Explain how those factors contributed to the therapeutic relationship with Claudia and her family. 20180319220941claudia              

Cultural competence

December 17, 2020 |

  Cultural competence Cultural competence assignment. Attached is the assignment. Please include a work cited page. 20180313004832cultural_compency_assignment_4_1_17 (5) $10.00 – Purchase

Cultural competence

December 15, 2020 |

 Cultural competence Directions Create a two to three-page training handout that explains the key concepts of cultural competence in terms that anyone can understand and relates these concepts to the SoHW mission. Your handout should do the following: Explain cultural competence. Identify at least three ways that culture impacts communication between people. Identify at least three verbal or nonverbal cues to pay attention to during communication with people from other cultures and explain how to best respond to these unfamiliar cultural cues. Describe and analyze at least three situations in which culture plays an important role in people’s relations. (The situations can be hypothetical or drawn from personal experience.) Explain why developing and maintaining cross-cultural relations is a useful skill. Use the following terms in context: Beliefs Biases Culture Cultural competence Cultural relativism Cultural universals Ethnocentrism Globalization Norms Society Values Consult the Project resources for tips on designing effective handouts….    read more 

Cultural competence

December 14, 2020 |

Cultural competence Your supervisor, Greg, was so pleased with your handout that he would now like you to prepare a workshop on cultural competence to help SoHW employees think more deeply about their own cultures. He has asked you to create a one-page presentation outline for what you would say during this workshop. Use material from your handout to create a presentation outline that explains: cultural competence and its importance. cross cultural relationships. why it helps to reflect on one’s own experiences. what questions help someone learn about the cultures of others. the effects of biases and how to remain aware of them. how these considerations and this knowledge will help the upcoming partnership run smoothly. Refer to the Project resources for tips on creating an effective presentation outline. Do notshare any personal or sensitive information in the outline that is not legally acceptable for your boss to request. Include citations…    read more