The Value of Arts & Culture Repatriation of Looted Cultural Artifacts Discussion (1) Should there be an immediate obligation to return culturally significant art treasures, even if i means returning them to where they were looted from in the first place? Who decides what can be returned and what can’t? Can a museum keep another country’s artifacts and cultural heritage just because the art could still be in danger? Please use a minimum of three scholarly resources and 500 words. (2) Use examples by Ibrahimel-Salahi and other recent artists to write an essay about modern and contemporary approaches to Islamic-styles, techniques, and subject matter in painting and drawing. How do these artists combine modern and contemporary painting and drawing techniques with caligraphy and forms that are symbolic for Muslims? Include at least 10 or more art terms in the minimum one-page critique.(suggestions below) Art terms/Words: caligraphy – the art of…    read more