HCC An Embedded Ethics Approach for AI Development Current Event A current event about technology and ethics is something newsworthy that has happened in the past six months. It can be about a business, software, hardware, a new product, or changes to existing technology. Keep in mind how this current event in technology would relate to ethics. Part 1: Your Current Event Present a current event relating to technology and ethics to your classmates, using Discussions in Canvas. You will need to provide a written evaluation of the current event, using a Word document. COMPONENTS 1. Title of current event and your name 2. Author’s Name, Title of Article, Date/Time Published 3. Cite Source (MLA Format) 4. First Paragraph: summary of the facts related to the event 5. Second Paragraph: your opinion about the event 6. Third Paragraph: identify what is morally right/ wrong or good/bad about the ideas, attitudes,…    read more