Cuyahoga Community College Reactions of Photosynthesis Lab Report For this lab the focus is Photosynthesis, and in particular we will be focusing on the pigments that trap solar energy thereby providing the energy required for this anabolic process. Anabolic means that we are dealing with chemical reactions that 1) build complex products from simpler reactants, 2) require energy and 3) the products produced store energy within their chemical bonds. The general process -the chemical formula- for photosynthesis is shown below. Two simple reactants (CO2 and H2O) are used to build a complex product (glucose). The other simpler product of the reaction, the oxygen gas, is simply a byproduct of the anabolic production of glucose. Sunlight, specifically the high energy photons of sunlight (solar energy), provide the Energy to build the chemical bonds of glucose. Specifically, the photon energy is converted to electron energy and cellular energy (ATP). Photosynthesis is simple…    read more