ART 100 Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Art Modules Discussion Embed your photos from these art activity: (this course is Art 100 – Art Appreciation you should be able to find the pictures of the modules online, but if you can’t and you need me to look them up, let me know. ) Module 7: FlipBook Module 10: Pattern Activity Module 11: Gesture Drawing Activity Module 12: Watercolor Activity Below each photo, discuss your experience with each art activity in 2-3 sentences: Had you done this type of project before or something like it? What did you find easy and/or challenging about the activity? What did you learn (for ex. about art, yourself, creativity) and/or enjoy about the activity? At the end, summarize your experience with your own creativity in 3-5 sentences total: What judgments do you have about your own creativity and ability to “make art”? Will you carry on…    read more