cyber security

Cyber security

December 26, 2020 |

Cyber security Project Description: Article: Read CREST “Cyber Security Incident Response Guide” Video(s): 2014 Cyber Security Session 24 – Cyber Security Incident Response Using what you have learned about Cyber Security Incident Response from the assigned reading, video, and report, think about the following Lockheed-Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain:  Reconnaissance Weaponization Delivery Exploitation Installation Command and Control (C2) Actions on Objectives 1.Define and discuss the three steps to Cyber Security Incident Response. 2.Research recent cyber breaches and discuss the cyber “kill” chain for one of the breaches. 3.For the company involved in step 2, make at least three (3) recommendations to senior leadership that could avoid breaches in the future. Conditions: Plagiarism free, APA format 6th edition, without grammatical errors

ist-274 information system technology, cyber security

December 15, 2020 |

ist-274 information system technology, cyber security 1)Describe in detail a problem of interest where the information technology can serve as solution? Include a problem domain (e.g, cybersecurity or healthcare ) and write a complete argumentative essay that shows the importance of the problem? 2) Explain, how can database management system (DBMS) solve this problem? 3) Outline the task(s) for each team member? -please make argumentative essay simple as much as you can because the professor will ask me about like the last time.