GIS 4001 TUO Big Data Analysis Cyber Crime Privacy Security & Digital Footprint Essay       In academic affiliation with             GULF COLLEGE – MUSCAT – SULTANATE OF OMAN   UNDERGRADUATE COMPUTING PROGRAMME   ACADEMIC YEAR: 2020–2021   [SEMESTER 1]   WRIT2 – COURSEWORK     Module Title: COMPUTING AND SOCIETY     Module Code: GIS4001     Method of Assessment: WRIT2 –Coursework   Weighting: 50% Module Credits: 20     Level: 4 Semester/Teaching block: 1     Morning/Evening session: BOTH Examiner: Dr. S. Sebastin Antony Joe       Additional Information (if any):   Word Length: 2000 words equivalent, to be worked individually.                 GIS4001 C&S – Coursework- V 1                                                                                                                                   Page 1   MODULE DESCRIPTOR   Module Title       Module   JACS Subject Code(s) and ASC Category(ies)         Number   %…    read more