DANC 1107 Kennesaw State University Dance Concert Pop Rocks Comparative Essay Kennesaw State University DEPARTMENT OF DANCE DANC 1107 ARTS IN SOCIETY: DANCE KSU CONCERT WRITING ASSIGNMENT     There are four pieces in the KSU Dance Concert.  I have provided four questions.  You will write a brief response to each of the four pieces and use a different question for each piece.  (At the time of publication of this assignment the titles of the pieces are not known.  You may select which prompt you use for each piece.  Be sure to include the title of the piece you are discussing.  Do not say “piece number 1”.  Use the title.  As per MLA guidelines, titles of dance works should be in italics.   Prompt 1: Discuss one production element.  Did it enhance or detract from your overall impression?   Prompt 2: Discuss how space was used.  Be sure to refer…    read more