Dance Evaluation Discussion/Essay Dance Evaluation Discussion/Essay Chapter 8 Dance Evaluation Discussion/Essay Materials Your own independent research. Instructions In this 3-part discussion, you will (1) compose a 3-paragraph original post, (2) compose ONE response post to a classmate, then (3) write a “reflection” to your own original post about this aesthetic experience. Please Complete Parts 1 and 3! 1. Carefully view the excerpts of the Swan Lake and Night Journey dance selections 2. Find and read TWO research sources (BEYOND your text book – try google scholar) concerning the two selections and be prepared to integrate them in your essay. Be sure to cite these research sources too. 3. Write a new thread using the following instructions: In the FIRST paragraph (at least 150 words): Using at least three terms from the Dance Elements & Vocabulary Guide,(attached) identify the dance elements in the Swan Lake excerpt. Identify Swan Lake as either Classical Ballet or Modern Dance. Then, using at least three terms from the Dance Elements…    read more