Darwin’s theory of human nature This paper is a combination of summary and critical assessment. Need to discuss Darwin’s theory of human nature. The CAP must be written only on the subject/assesment of Darwin’s theory of human nature. Must be between 1750 – 2000 words in length. Must be double spaced, 12 point type and 1 inch margins and follow MLA formatting guidelines. Must write the paper using your own critical thinking, imagination and ideas. So, minimize the use of quotes or citations in your paper. Where possible, use your own words to summarize. The CAP must include two parts of roughly equal length. The first part is summary. Summarize the main features or aspects of the theory. The second part is your own original insight and/or critical analysis of the theory. In this section you will: Identify and explain weaknesses or shortcomings of the theory. What features do you think…    read more