ART 3020 De Anza College Lives of Grass Research Paper Artwork I chose: Lives of Grass by Mathilde Roussel… ( Please find at least 3 more reliable sources to support the essay) – Choose a project or work of art that fulfills all of the following requirements: 1) It was created between 1960 and the present day. 2) It promotes an ecological world view and/or addresses current issues or crises in the natural environment. 3) It is not by one of the artists featured in class (Subhankar Banerjee, Andy Goldsworthy, Ant Farm, Maya Lin, Margaret Mee, Edward Burtynski-Water, Tom Killion). – Construct a thesis statement defining your theme (underline your thesis statement). Analyze and interpret the selected project or work of art; place it in its historical and environmental context; identify the creative environmental strategies employed by the artist – Minimum of 3 pages (double-spaced; not including quotations, bibliography…    read more