Dealing with Diversity in America from Reconstruction through the 1920s   The formal deadline is on Monday morning at 9am Eastern Time; this is the next day after Week 3 ends. Watch announcements, emails, and postings for exact dates and any holiday notes that sometimes arise. [NOTE ON ECREE: The university is adopting a tool called ecree for helping and doing writing assignments in many classes. In our History 105 class, we will be using the ecree program only for EXTRA CREDIT as a tool for doing work on your rough draft of the paper. We hope this approach encourages more rough drafting and revision work by students as well as makes students familiar with this useful new tool. For Assignment 1, in the Week 3 unit, you will see the link “EXTRA CREDIT: ROUGH DRAFT….”—that is where you can get up to 5 points of extra credit. Instructions will…    read more