Deanza College Macro Should Countries Implement Trade Restrictions Essay Guidelines for Critical Essay (XCR opportunity) Once you find your topic of interest, raise a ‘critical thinking question’ about your topic (ex: Should the government decrease the national debt?) and start working on your research paper of about 5 pages (word count: 1200-1500 words). Your paper should include an introduction with your thesis. The main body and paragraphs should include arguments and supportive evidence in favor of your topic (ex: pros for a decrease in the national debt) and arguments and supportive evidence against that topic (ex: cons for decrease in the national debt). It should become a well-rounded argumentative essay. For the conclusion I would like YOUR critical analysis and your viewpoint on the topic, i.e. your opinion – based on and supported by evidence. You should try and support your arguments with some positive economics: find facts and data…    read more