delayed new born bath discussion   This discussion gives you a chance to present your project to other students.This discussion should introduce your project (delaying a newborns bath for 12-24 hours), explain why you selected this project (to decrease complications with breast feeding, skin issues, vital signs and hypoglycemia), discuss your selected organization (CAPPA), and provide your proposed solution. Be sure to include: Introduction to your project with QSEN competency. Discussion related to how your selected organization (CAPPA) supports your project. Areas for further research. Proposed solution. (How we plan to implement this at my hospital) ***You will find that I have attached my research project to this assignment so that it is easier for you to write this discussion Your initial post must contain minimum of two (2) references no more than 5 years old, in APA format and be 300-400 words. in addition to examples from your personal…    read more