NYU learning Html Design Discussion Earlier in this course, you learned that HTML is a pretty simple language. It has tags and the tags sometimes have attributes. Some of the tags create new blocks on the browser window, like <p> and <h1>, and some tags are inline elements, like <strong>. Some tags have closing tags like <p></p> and some are self closing, like <br>. That is about it to the language right? Well, not exactly. Those are the basics and really all you need to know to get started with HTML, but there is a lot to the language that is interesting and that not everyone knows. This is a great opportunity to go deeper and know more about it. Go on the https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML and find three interesting tidbits about HTML that you didn’t know before (YOU CAN FIND THE THREE THINGS IN THE ADVANCED TOPICS) and write your third…    read more