Design principles Next, research the design elements in Chapter 4 of your textbook.  Place the Design Principles slide directly after the Visual Elements slide describing each artwork.  Provide a detailed description of the design principles in each artwork, using full and complete sentences. For design principles, make sure you describe how the artist used most or all of the ones in Chapter 4: unity and variety, balance, emphasis, directional forces, contrast, repetition and rhythm, and scale and proportion. Questions to consider are included below: o Unity: what elements work together to make a harmonious whole? o Variety: What creates diversity? o Balance: Is it symmetrical or asymmetrical? o Emphasis: What is the focal point? o Directional forces: What are the paths for the eye to follow? o Contrast: Where do you see contrasting elements in the artwork? o Repetition & rhythm: Is an element repeated? o Scale &…    read more