Diablo Valley College Martin Luther King from Birmingham Jail Discussion 1. How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi remains in the top ten non-fiction bestsellers for the thirty-fourth week. It is described as “a primer for creating a more just and equitable society through identifying and opposing racism” by the NYTimes Book Review…and it is well worth reading. In this module is a link to an interview by Stephen Colbert of Kendi (and a longer one, if you choose to listen). There are also two more videos–one with Trevor Noah interviewing Kimberly Jones, and the other a video of Kimberly Jones that went viral. View these three videos and then post your reactions to or thoughts about each of them (three reactions). Then comment on the reactions of two of your classmates. 2. reading a small essay by Thoreau. Look for passages you think might have spoken to…    read more