SUNY College Photosynthesis Provides Energy for Fixation of Carbon Dioxide Lab Report The Introduction to this lab report should include a brief background on photosynthesis and how the light dependent and light independent processes are interconnected. Identify the key photosynthetic and accessory pigments found in the spinach leaf and what their role is in the photosynthetic process. For activity 1, describe how paper chromatography was applied to separate pigments and how the interaction of the stationary and mobile phase with the individual pigments affects the retention factor (Rf) for each of them. State a hypothesis and prediction based on the application of this analytical method. For activity 2, how was the rate of photosynthesis in spinach disks measured? What were the two experimental variables evaluated in the spinach disk assay? State hypotheses and predictions for activity 2, based on what you are measuring and the experimental condition variables being tested….    read more