Disability Discrimination Your presentation must include at least the information presented under each heading. It must consist of a minimum of 20 PowerPoint slides and a maximum of 25 slides, excluding the title and reference slides. Use proper APA style when citing sources, including your textbook. (Remember that unmonitored Internet sources, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable.) If you need to review guidelines for effective PowerPoint presentations, the presentation is linked here. Additional information is available on the Internet. Option 1: Disability Discrimination 1. Discuss a minimum of five benefits of organizational diversity. 2. Identify at least three factors that have led to increased emphasis on disability discrimination in the workplace. 3. What are three benefits of diversity in the workplace? 4. Discuss statistical data on education, participation rates, employment, and income levels of individuals with disabilities. 5. Provide a historical background of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the…    read more