Discussion 3.1 – 2 1-2 page each part Part 1 Comment on and discuss Corbett et al., Where the Girls Are: The Facts About Gender Equity in Education, in Jana Noel’s Multicultural Education. Also reflect on your recent observations in the school setting and recall your educational careers as you respond to the discussion questions. What are some ways that you, as a teacher, can attempt to ensure gender equity in the classroom? Who is more frequently called upon, girls or boys? Do you find yourself gravitating toward either gender? If you are, why do you think this is? Is one gender more vocal than the other? Does this affect the classroom as a whole? If so, why? Please write 4 paragraphs in APA format Part 2 In review of module 3, the Teen Suicide GLBTQ ppt, GLSEN report and video clips and readings, discuss with your classmates the following…    read more