Discussion Assignment: (Re) defining “Family” Discussion Assignment: (Re) defining “Family” Now that you have been thinking about the concept of family, in what ways have your perceptions stayed the same? In what ways have they changed? For some people, the word family may conjure an image of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. For others, their mom or two Dads and a younger sister. There are any numbers of family groupings and many include close friends and pets. As well, families include more than people; families are about interactions, rituals, and parenting/caregiving practices. Take time to think about what family means to you, who in your family influenced you as a child and in what ways? Were there particular rituals, triumphs, challenges related to growing up in your family that come to mind? After you have taken time to think about your family and childhood: Create a visual or audio representation…    read more