Discussion board on: Sex chromosomes in determing sex You will be responding to a discussion board post. This post should be 80% you, and then facts found from other sources. Its not opinionated. It needs to have critical thinking. 125 Word minimum, APA format, cited. It needs to pertain to the paragraph and what the paragraph says. Other things can be added in as well, but make sure it is not just random facts. Below is the paragraph you will be responding to: Post 2: Response to another student 20 Points Possible 1. Student submitted a thorough, informational and clear response that advanced the discussion with detail. Critical thinking about topic was included. 10 2. Assignment submitted on time and on a different day than other posts. Assignment met 125 word count minimum. 5 3. Appropriate scientific college-level sources were used. Post contained APA formatted references and in-text citations. The…    read more