discussion board post

Discussion board post.

December 26, 2020 |

Discussion board post. Identify two key strategic decisions made by your current team, department, or organization. How could those decisions have been enhanced by optimization models? Support your rationale with evidence from readings or external research.          

Discussion board post

December 15, 2020 |

Discussion board post You will be responding to a discussion board post. This post should be 80% you, and then facts found from other sources. Its not opinionated. It needs to have critical thinking. 125 Word minimum, APA format, cited. It needs to pertain to the paragraph and what the paragraph says. Other things can be added in as well, but make sure it is not just random facts. Below is the paragraph you will be responding to: (follow this rubric): 1. Student submitted a thorough, informational and clear response that advanced the discussion with detail. Critical thinking about topic was included. 10 2. Assignment submitted on time and on a different day than other posts. Assignment met 125 word count minimum. 5 3. Appropriate scientific college-level sources were used. Post contained APA formatted references and in-text citations. The post was grammatically correct. 5 9.I’m stressed! How the body adapts…    read more 

Discussion board post

December 12, 2020 |

Discussion board post   ANSWER QUESTION IN 2 PARAGRAPHS AND SUPPORT WITH REFERENCES APA FORMAT and IN TEXT CITATION Here are the requirements!!! For the community health nurse, teaching is the primary means to influence health at all levels. Discuss the role of the community health nurse in promoting health and preventing morbidity. ANSWER QUESTION IN 2 PARAGRAPHS AND SUPPORT WITH REFERNCES APA FORMAT INTEXT CITATION    

discussion board post

December 9, 2020 |

discussion board post   1. Consider Henderson’s Nature of Nursing article that discusses the unique functions of nurses. How have aspects of nursing changed since this article was written? Do you agree with her statements about the nature of nursing and what it is? Support your opinion. 2. Reflect on the Review of the Nursing Field section by Diana Mason at the beginning of the text. Select a current issue and/or challenge in nursing and discuss its relevance to the profession of nursing. 3. Currently, what do you consider the most important economic issue impacting the nursing profession and our healthcare system? Why? BOOK USED TO FIND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: ISBN: 9781118028810 (The nursing profession) content will be between chapters one through six Below is a link which illustrates how to cite these chapters: http://www.cws.illinois.edu/workshop/writers/citat…