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Discussion Forum.

December 20, 2020 |

Discussion Forum. There’s no doubt that social media grew ISIS to its highpoint and to the level it is now. Do you have any thoughts on how social media may not have been as beneficial to ISIS as the average perception indicates? 20180721011749discussion(1) (1)    

discussion forum

December 12, 2020 |

discussion forum   Discussion: Influencing Health and Social Policy What are the unmet health care needs you see in your community? What determinants of health are related to these unmet needs and what determinants require action and advocacy efforts? How do your identified issues impact your work and your sphere of influence? Consider some of the following examples that affect communities: various needs of veterans (homelessness, post-traumatic stress), immigration, undocumented workers, medical and/or legalized marijuana, reproductive health care, unemployment, poor environmental conditions, limited access to health care, and lack of heath care. How do these issues impact community health and what is your role in the solution of these issues? To prepare for this Discussion, review the following: AWE Checklist (Level 4000) Discussion Rubric, provided in the Course Information area This week’s Writing Resources and Program Success Tools (link to e-guide) This week’s readings in the Resources pertaining to influences…    read more